HMAS Canberra: Casualty Of Circumstance


This is the story of HMAS Canberra from the time the ship was commissioned in 1928 to the last terrifying moments when HMAS Canberra’s fate was sealed

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Some may know the fate of HMAS Canberra on 9 August 1942 in a war-ravaged Pacific Ocean. World War II was in full force and it was about to overwhelm those onboard the Australian Navy cruiser. But the events that led to Canberra’s demise on that dark night are not so well known – until now.

A tribute to the 84 men whose lives were lost, this book tells their stories and those of the men who survived – all share their motivations for joining the navy and tell what it was like onboard. If there were questions about the readiness of Australian warships for modern warfare, or about the power of the British Admiralty over Australian Royal Navy personnel, this book has the answers. What was the role of the American fleet? Was there an international cover-up concerning friendly fire on that night?